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Tech Interview Solutions provides you with the resources you need to excel in your software engineering interviews.

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Data Structures and Algorithms

Fastest way to prepare effectively for your FAANG Interviews with company tagged practice questions and solutions.

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Beginner Track


Data Structures and Algorithms

Not sure where to start? This Track is a structured and efficient way to learn data structures and algorithms for coding interviews.

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12 Weeks Roadmap

12-Week roadmap to ace the software engineering interviews.

Week 1
Arrays & Strings
Week 2
Hash Maps
Week 3
Linked Lists
Week 4
Stacks & Queues
Week 5
Week 6
Breadth-First Search
Week 7
Depth-First Search
Week 8
Week 9
Greedy Algorithms
Week 10
Week 11
Dynamic Programming
Week 12
Advanced Topics